Lipton Green Tea Review

Lipton Green Tea is one of the popular products of Lipton, a popular tea company established in 1893. With the merging popularity of green tea, nowadays, there are a lot of cheaper yet good-tasting products. Lipton’s product is one of the cheapest green tea that has the taste live up to the price. Thus, in this article, we will give Lipton Green Tea review to every green tea’s fans.

The first part of this Lipton Green Tea review is about the pros, benefits, advantages, and features, which are listed below:

  • Easy to find: this product is sold in almost at stores regardless how big the stores are.
  • Low caffeine level: the caffeine in Lipton Green Tea is not an additive; it is natural. In a serving, the amount of caffeine is 35 mg, similar to most brands on the market.
  • Only need little sweetener: the tea works well with monk fruit, syrup, nectar, and regular sugar. This is surely a good news for those who despise bitter taste.
  • Pure product: it does not contain any chemical additives.
  • Long shelf life: you can keep the tea for years without losing its flavor if you store the teas in a cool, dry, and dark place

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The second part of this Lipton Green Tea review is the cons, limitations, problems, and disadvantages, which are listed below:

  • Does not work with honey: using honey as sweetener will mask the signature taste of Lipton Green Tea
  • May cause nausea for too much drinking: this occurs especially if you haven’t drink the tea for days. The problem can be solved by avoiding the tea on empty stomach.
  • Induce withdrawal symptoms of caffeine: this may occur when you regularly consume the tea, then abruptly stop.

Easy to over brew: brewing more than five minutes roughly will give an extra bitterness to your tea.


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