Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery – When in fact, pretty instant there is a risk it faces turn red, allergies or skin sensitivity increases. Because indiscriminate wearing cosmetics, skin became mottled and damaged.

Angel Clinic also serves service invasive like surgery. “I provide a service, but did not serve in vain,” said Wiwiet.

Hasil gambar untuk Intend Plastic Surgery Patients Need to Know Risks

Why would someone want to do plastic surgery should know the risks? Why liposuction also have an increased risk of fatal and death? Following the interview;

How do you originally selected field of aesthetics and beauty?

At first I was a general practitioner and practice in Bintaro since 13 years ago. Aesthetics have not bloom and boom as it is now. Around 2005-2006, many aesthetic cases due to the use of cosmetics that are not true. Many out there kind of quick cosmetic result. Our society is glad that cepet, instant, like disposable whitening let me be white. They blindfold. Any significant wear white and beautiful.

And the effect face so swollen, red, allergies, or the emergence of the sensitivity to the neck. They were shocked and panicked. They bang-bang into me. Since that time I dove into aesthetics. So actually forced. Finally open aesthetic services since 3-4 years ago here (Ciputat). I slowly and gradually for 10 years steeped in aesthetics.

What is the greatest demand current patients?

Basic mindset wants white. Whatever the cream, just like white. My education that being white is just a bonus. If we are born is not white, it can not be white. I’m more wholesome education that was not white. Each of us was created with different pigmentation.

We only keep healthy for any age. Especially now that many ultra-violet light (UV), pollution, spots, acne is not known, wrinkle prematurely, spots growths, or keratosin. Excessive pigmentation has been shifted to the age of 20, due to incorrect use of cosmetics. Understandably, many ads and many are selling without giving education.

Healthy skin that we want the humidity up. No spots, hyperpigmentation in one place and kerutnya no. Because of the indiscriminate use of cosmetics, even so mottled and damaged. Actually, the natural pigment that makes skin cancer is lower because it protects from the sun. We even misguided, eliminate the pigment.

How exactly is the explanation of bleach?

Handling of mercury is not maximized due to booming demand for white. Mercury that unfortunately is the most good for the skin. All sorts of skin problems can be overcome. But why we should not be arbitrary? Because even the most evil efk beside him. He was absorbed and accumulated the most evil in the body, eventually accumulating in the body. Several years later, new side effects.

I got a case due to mercury from junior high school children to the elderly. They were happy shopping online cream with quick results. Five years later back to the results permanent spots. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to fix. Most weigh appear even cancer.

If for any treatment of interest?

So far we only carry out maintenance as required. If injecting just what’s necessary. If penirusan yes we treatments. If deeper as rare invasive. I provide that service, but did not serve in vain. Suppose there is a person whose skin is very fall, while he needed for his profession. Then we program. But if you do not have to, my education again. Better handling from within. More to diet and lifestyle. But if treatment from the outside, we are prepared but gradually.

Every act of invasion is no chance of infection. A wound can be infected. There’s always an open wound because we put a needle and open skin. Definitely there is a possibility of infection. The more invasive an action, the higher infection. We are as much as possible to reduce. We enter the thread in the sense that he will withdraw without any seams. But still there are injuries. The assumption, drawn yarn thus pulling the skin. But it must be repeated treatment of his several months. So it must be continuous.

So there is definitely a risk?

Every invasive risk. If the position is not right, there must be a blue puffy because of ruptured blood vessels. Kan we insert a thread and needle rather large. So it includes risks. Patients who intend plastic surgery should know the risks. Swelling or infection it must be accepted as a package with the action.

But we try to minimal risk. Suppose the case, yes it is a package of measures. As we play the water, so the risk is wet. That which we describe and implanted into the patient, prior to treatment so that she was not surprised and panic. Including in order to overcome what if swollen or blue.

If treatment change any high demand?

If in my less because of my education, to any change because the risk is directly proportional shape and height. So if you are not too important, so do not bother. If the community no such service, definitely to a certain level. When viewed in the Bintaro area or other levels of moderate upward, yes there are for the most convenient and instant. But the suburbs yet.

If we are to injure invasive techniques, there dermaroller to eliminate pockmarked. We injure the skin surface with a rolling pin or needle acne scars. The goal hurt so pockmarked skin because the skin repair itself closed and boarded up. Indeed, the result is not 100 percent, but pretty good.

Then there are chemical peelsthe risk is too high because it uses a fluid that is quite loud and smeared. If it is wrong and incorrect, could such burns. Peel and a little burnt because the goal is to throw the dead skin. The result is nice and most desirable. The technique is sore and painful time of treatment . Dermaroller baiayanya Rp450 thousand once treatment plus medication. Period is 2-3 weeks and was completed 3 months. Its expensive serum for the regeneration of skin tissue.

Planting thread Rp1 million – 2.5 million was also nice. Its appeal is great. If the age of 50 years is usually three places. If the age of 30 years-40 years, only one thread with a repetition of the year.

Actually, what is the impact of plastic surgery?

That said, any invasive procedure there must be a side effect, ranging from the lightest such as infection. The slightest, the first thing to think about is the possibility of infection, although we anticipated with various medications. Moreover, operations that are not urgent, such as changing the shape of beauty. It was not important. Could so there will be not appropriate. Looks strange. Silicon otherwise fit in the body will react. Danger too. Not comparable to the costs incurred.

There is another effect?

Swelling including infections caused by bacteria. If yes swollen allergic sensitivity reactions. Perhaps there is also a rejection of the thread though rare. If it happens, in a few months should be repeated.

In breast augmentation, for example, there will be cuts in the breast tissue to enter a magnifying material. Breasts will first swell. There is definitely a scar for all types of operations including plastic surgery, using surgical techniques. So it would be sewn back and leave scars.

How to get rid of fat?

Liposuction, or better known as liposuction is to make the body become leaner. But in fact, plastic surgery does not remove cellulite, but actually worsen the appearance of cellulite. If the amount taken too much, will make the skin becomes more wrinkled.

What is your message to those who want to do plastic surgery or liposuction?

Operations that exceed the maximum limit could lead to fatal consequences. Even the danger posed plastic surgery can cause death. For liposuction is no standard by the Association of Plastic Surgeons United States (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). A maximum amount of fat allowed to be issued as 6 pounds each operation.

Because liposuction is also well suck blood. Too much grease, automatic blood coming out too much. It causes the liquid in the missing body. Can cause patient dehydration, shock or even make heart failure that can arise death.

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