To be able to kick the ball in the direction we want, it requires a high level of skills. Kicking methods can be divided as follows;

Kick the ball by using foot instep

When utilizing foot instep to kick, ensure the foot that you use to be fully bent downward and also the foot instep should fully touch the ball. When the foot contacts the ball, then the ball needs to skim into the ground. Notably, when you kick the ball if standing if the knee is too much lean forward to the ball position, the direction of the ball will head down and touch the ground before it reaches goal, which influences into the ball speed. Therefore, you have to ensure the knee remains in the right direction, not too forward and backward. The foot that not utilize for kick, place it with all the ball and be sure it away forms the ball around 4-12 inches.

Run and kick

Run and kick can be used during the sport and this way of kicking is rather hard to perform as you seem to have no opportunity to do the kick just as instructions. However, The ideal place when you have to kick while you’re running, be sure that you are close to the ball as far as you can. Place the standing foot with the ball and bend down your knee a little bit, your shoulders and head somewhat lean forwards. Swing the leg that uses for kick fully stretch. Your head should bend down till you kick the ball and always concentrate on the target which you would like to kick to ball to.

Kick the ball with interior of the foot

This figure is the simplest method to kick off the ball, frequently used when we need to pass the ball to other people because by using this method, you can command the path of the ball entirely and it has the most precision. To do this figure, bend down both your knees somewhat when kicking and push the kicking leg to follow through afterward touch the ball.

Kick the ball with heel

This way of kicking mostly employed for a trick that the person who try to snatch the ball out of you and this method is quite simple. Primarily, you have to step or jump over the ball, pretending you want to carry the ball forward, then immediately use the heel to punch the ball, pass it to the trunk direction. This amount demands a Dream League Soccer hack and accuracy when you use the heel to kick off the ball because at a time of kicking the ball will be at your back and will not be able to see it. For this reason, you have to gauge the ball’s position so as to kick it correctly.




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