How not confused. The capacity of a small apartment unit makes them have to be creative in turning their brains to put the bike.

Yes, the condition is inevitably they must face. Because, currently there are many apartment managers who do not provide a special parking area bicycle. Even if it is available, it means they must be ready to spend more to pay the rent for parking.

Well, instead of wasting money on it, why not park your favorite bike on the apartment wall? Any idea how?

First, hunting tropical bike racks or bike trophy hunting racks. Named hunting trophies because the shape of this shelf resembles a bull’s horn.

Andreas Schieger, the man from Australia who designed the shelf. This bicycle buffer tool he made from bicycles components are recycled.

Second, the original bike shelf. Original shelf made by San Francisco, USA, is made of beautiful black walnut or gray wood.

Third, mama wall mounted bike rack. Metal shelves designed from the project collaboration between furniture designer Matt Elton and graphic designer Matteo Balderelli has three holes.

The three holes were deliberately designed to lock the bike with a key tool such as a padlock cable.

Fourth, minimal wooden bike hooks or minimalist wooden bike hooks. This rack matches combined with the interior of the apartment and the furniture is minimalist or contemporary.

This shelf is just a wood that is shaped in such a way and attached to the wall so you can make it yourself.

Actually there are many more shelf models to hang bikes on the wall. So, living in an apartment is not a reason to not be able to save a favorite bike. In fact, the placement of bikes on the interior walls of your apartment becomes more artistic.

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