Who does not know with guava? I taste the fruit of this one is certainly very familiar to the people of Indonesia, even when I was small I used to love eating guava because his trees are very easy to grow and grow around us so as not to bother having to buy guava market , stay climb and pick just dipekarangan home.
Although guava fruit is cheap and even sometimes just wasted alone but you do not underestimate the benefits of the fruit of this one. pantothenic acid content, vitamins, minerals, copper, manganese and many others contained in guava is very good for health and beauty.
Guava benefits for health and beauty
Well, for those of you who pensaran and want to know what the other great benefits of guava this then please refer to the text below.

Guava Benefits For Health and Beauty

1. Healthy digestive system
The content of natural fibers contained in guava is very good for your digestive system healthy is a way to help protect the intestinal mucous membrane so as to reduce exposure to toxins and binding chemicals that cause cancer in the colon and remove it along with the waste.
2. Healthy eyes
Beta-carotene and vitamin A on this fruit has the benefit of maintaining eyesight in order to stay healthy. Just by eating a guava fruit every day you will be spared from a wide variety of eye health problems.
3. Keeping blood pressure
Other Ingredients contained in guava is potassium. The potassium compound helps maintain blood pressure within the body to remain normal and mitigating the effects of sodium.
4. Assist the absorption of nutrients
Manganese compounds in guava helps the body to absorb other essential nutrients from food. It was good for the body, because the absorption of these nutrients can make the body fulfilled the nutritional and keep your body to stay healthy.
5. Overcoming diabetes
If you are affected by diabetes, consume guava regularly because of the high fiber in this fruit can help regulate the absorption of sugar by the body which allows to lower insulin and glucose in the body. Many studies say that eating guava a day can prevent the emergence of type 2 diabetes

6. Healthy Thyroid
In addition to high fiber and potassium, a source of copper substances is also an important substance to regulate the metabolism of thyroid hormones that control production. Did you know that the thyroid gland? The thyroid gland is one of the very important gland in the body to regulate hormones and function of organ systems in the body, so guava with copper substances is very helpful in balancing the body’s healthy functioning.
7. Coping with diarrhea
Astringents compounds in these fruits can protect the body from diarrhea or dysentery. These compounds can inhibit the growth of microbes and remove mucus in the intestine.
8. As the fever and cough medicine
Vitamin C is very much on the guava can prevent the entry of bacteria or viruses in cold weather so that your body more resistant and does not get sick. In addition, the guava juice or decoction of guava leaves also able to reduce mucus when coughing.
9. Benefits for relaxation
Guava is also rich in magnesium. The compounds are efficacious for relaxation when you are tired of working all day. By eating the guava, it can help relax the muscles and nerves in the body restore your lost stamina after a day of activity.
10. Protecting skin from UV
Lycopene is found in guava helps to protect the skin from damage due to exposure to UV rays and also as a result of air pollution. Just by eating one guava then about 2.9 grams of lycopene have been entered into your body
11. Prevent Aging
Vitamins A, B, C and potassium in this fruit is a natural antioxidant and detoxifier for the body. It can keep skin fresh and bright and free from signs of premature aging. It also protects healthy cells from toxic metabolic waste that accumulates in the body so that these toxins do not cause premature aging by damaging DNA.
12. Help diet
For those of you who are doing a diet, guava can be used as a solution. You can change the lunch menu by eating guava. This is because the fiber that is in guava can withstand hunger until night. Protein, vitamins, and minerals in guava makes the stomach feel fuller.

13. Keeping the brain function
Vitamin B3 and B6 that are helpful in guava helps maintain brain function in order to run properly. Not only that, vitamin exist in guava also launched sirkulisasi blood so there is no interruption in your circulatory system.

14. Maintain skin health
Vitamin C is very good for our bodies one can maintain healthy skin. by eating guava every day then your skin will be more fresh, bright, soft and away from skin disorders such as acne, dry skin and oily skin

Those are some of the benefits of guava for health and beauty which may rarely know. Hopefully this article add insight and knowledge. Please distribute that more people will know the great benefits of this guava.

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